My 12+ years experience and background with the Town of Weddington is simply something that my opponent can not match. I have been working hard for Weddington residents for the better part of the 19 years that I have lived in Weddington.

Just like you, safety for Weddington residents is one of my top priorities. I have been Weddington’s voting member for the CRTPO for the last 4 years, because I know roads are a concern. I have built a good, working relationship with NCDOT that has allowed Weddington to leverage federal dollars for an intersection project in Weddington.

Unlike some on our current Council, I have consistently voted to keep commercial development in our downtown core. Weddington town surveys continue to say that our residents want to keep commercial contained. In addition, Weddington Corners faces the same, outside, economic pressures that Weddington was incorporated to combat. Why would we want to put competing commercial around Town?

The property values in Weddington have been very volatile over the last few years. As a Weddington homeowner for the past nineteen years, I want to see my property value increase just like you. While on Council, I have worked with local and state government leaders and agencies to make sure that Weddington’s growth is better planned and as we work to meet our infrastructure needs.

I grew up in a small town. We moved out of Charlotte to Weddington when our son was born so that our kids would have that same opportunity. I want to keep Weddington’s unique small town charm while providing easy access to the amenities of our larger neighbors.

I am always open and eager to hear your thoughts on your vision for Weddington. Please contact me at with any questions of comments.